A new survey finds that Americans don’t like drones.

The poll, conducted by pollster YouGov, asked 1,000 adults if they would like drones in their homes or in their workplace.

Only 41% said yes.

A majority (53%) said they would be more likely to use drones in areas where there are large numbers of people, like public transportation.

Forty-three percent of Americans said drones should be banned altogether.

The survey comes just months after President Donald Trump signed an executive order allowing drone use in public places.

The ban also allows the government to request information from wireless providers about where they store the devices.

The drone ban also gives the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the ability to order and track drones.

Under the FAA’s rules, the agency must get court approval before it can fly a drone within the United Nations, U.S. Capitol, or a place that is under the jurisdiction of a federal agency.

The president has proposed a number of changes to the rules that could significantly affect the number of drones that are allowed to fly over the country.

The FAA is currently issuing rules for drones that will cover a range of drones ranging from small, inexpensive drones that cost less than $200 to large, expensive models that cost $1,000 or more.

The administration has said it will issue a final rule for drones within six months.

However, the FAA is still expected to allow drones to fly in the U.N. and in the Capitol.

Trump’s executive order on drones came after his first term as president.

Under his plan, the United State would be the only country allowed to use a drone in the country’s airspace.

It would also allow the government access to all airspace over the U., including international airspace, for military purposes.

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