The starlet, who was the subject of the MTV documentary ‘I Have a Little Bit of a Tattoo’, is set to make a surprise return to the UK next month after a three-year hiatus. 

Sunflower will play at The Royal Albert Hall on March 10 in London.

The starlet has also revealed that she will be returning to the stage in the UK for her fourth series of the hit BBC2 comedy, following her stint in the US with the comedy series, The Bachelorette.

Sunflower will return to The Bachelor following her first stint on the show in the United States, where she starred alongside fellow Brits Emma Thompson, Josh Hutcherson and Jack Ma. 

She was last seen in a number of shows in 2017, including her role as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Big Love, but her absence has not been fully explained.

Sunstar is scheduled to return to her stage debut in a new series of The Bizzare World of Sunflower in 2019.

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