I am a body image photographer.

I love sharing my body, I love to inspire people, and I am inspired by the human body and its beauty.

When I’m not working on my clients’ shoots, I am often inspired by my friends’ bodies, which are often shaped by our social norms and expectations.

I am drawn to women who are more feminine and in control of their bodies, so I am fascinated by the way women shape their bodies and shape their identity.

I have photographed and worked with a lot of beautiful people, but it’s important that I find my true friends.

As an adult, I find myself constantly on the lookout for new friends, and this is where I found the opportunity to work with an amazing group of women, both in my life and professionally.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity, to share my journey with you, to learn from them, and to share the power of being a good friend with them.

The beauty in the process is that I learn so much from them as people.

I’ve always been interested in the body image movement.

I started working with women as a young girl, and it’s this moment where I finally feel I’m able to be myself as a body.

I was fascinated by this idea of people who are so comfortable with their bodies that they don’t even know how to express it.

I wanted to be a part of that movement.

In my personal journey, I’ve noticed that it can be difficult to accept body acceptance and beauty in women.

I think we can all learn from each other, and we can see how our own bodies can be so beautiful, and how it’s possible for someone to be comfortable in their body, without feeling guilty or ashamed.

But I think one of the greatest challenges for women in the current body image culture is the way in which we see beauty in others, and our bodies.

I believe that this body image revolution has come at a time when we’re in a transition, in a world where our bodies are increasingly being policed, and bodies of beauty are being stripped away from us.

I see the beauty in people and I want to help people see it.

If you have a story about how you’ve felt about body image, whether it’s a story of body positivity or body shaming, please send it to @mollygraham on Instagram.

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