Free stock photos are an incredibly powerful way to showcase your work and to give fans a reason to take a closer look.

But how do you keep your work clean and make sure that it is a unique, memorable image for your portfolio?

We’ve rounded up 10 free stock photographs to get you started.1.

This is how a photographer would use a stock photo to create a logo2.

A photographer would go back and forth between different stock photo themes and colors3.

This photo of a horse on a train shows off the character of the train and how it is used in the game4.

A man is standing in a forest while taking photos with a cell phone.

He is seen on the far right of the photo with a small camera in his hand5.

A young girl in a bikini is standing outside a cafe with her friends6.

A woman is standing at the top of a mountain with her two young children7.

A couple of young men are enjoying a hot summer day with a group of friends.

A few of them have the option to stand in front of the camera to capture the shot.8.

A group of men walk through a parking lot.

There is a woman at the front and one at the back of the group9.

A family walks past a fire station with their dogs10.

A person is seen at the center of a crowd in a busy street.

This image was taken by a family walking through the streets of New York.

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