A look at the top 10 photographers in photography today.


Daniel López de La Cruz, Photographer for the Times of Israel (2016) 2.

Roberta Cisneros, Photographer (2016, 2017) 3.

Adam Niederman, Photographer, Magazine and Film (2016-2017) 4.

John Tulloch, Photographer of the Year (2016 and 2017) 5.

Youssef al-Kabouri, Photographer-in-Residence, University of Texas at Austin (2016), 2017 6.

Eric Ziegler, Photographer and Filmmaker (2016 & 2017) 7.

Laura Vastra, Photographer/Filmmaker and Film Maker (2016)-present (2017) 8.

Dafna Jablonski, Photographer & Cinematographer (2016).


John Seeb, Photographer / Photographer of Color (2016.)


Eric Ries, Photographer in Residence, The New School (2017), 2017-present 11.

John Zaremba, Photographer based in New York (2017, 2018) 12.

Matt Furlong, Photographer: The Magazine (2016-) 13.

Ben Leech, Photographer at the Center of Photography (2017-present) 14.

Sam Raimondi, Photographer on the Ground (2017 & 2018) 15.

Daniel Tullos, Photojournalist (2016)–present (2018) 16.

Toni G, Photographer under the pseudonym Michael Landon (2016); in Residency, The Wall Street Journal (2016): 17.

Mark Zuker, Photographer from Los Angeles (2016; 2017) 18.

Tommi Tietze, Photographer(?) (2016)”19.

John W. Cascio, Photographer with the New York Times (2016–present)20.

Taryn Friesen, Photographer to the Stars (2016.


Mark Vetter, Photographer who has been documenting the human condition since 2008 (2016 — present)22.

John Rabe, Photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, TIME, Vanity Fair, The Economist, Newsweek, New York Magazine, and The Huffington Post (2016/2017)–present 23.

Robert Fenton, Photographer living in San Francisco (2016 ) 24.

Tarek El Khatib, Photographer behind the camera at the Washington Post (2014)25.

Laura Cavanaugh, Photographer specializing in photography (2015)26.

J.J. Fuhrmann, Photographer born in Texas (2016)…(2015)–present 27.

John Davenport, Photographer as an assistant editor at the Boston Globe (2016 -)28.

Scott Wiedemann, Photographer known for his photographs of the homeless (2016)(2016)29.

Christopher E. Tull, Photographer representing New York’s LGBT community (2016  -present)…(2016)– present30.

Benjamin D. Stutzman, Photographer from the Bronx (2016))31.

Matthew Bortolotto, Photographer using digital mediums (2016?)32.

David H. Schulz, Photographer focusing on the intersection of art, culture and the human experience (2016 – present)33.

Jonathan Zellner, Photographer documenting the intersection between art, politics and technology (2016…)34.

Daniel J. Mears, Photographer creating portraits (2016…(2016)35.

John Kovalic, Photographer capturing the intersections between photography, technology and design (2016 (?)-present)(2016)(2017)36.

Adam R. Fenton Jr., Photographer from Miami (2017)– Present 37.

Sam S. Smith, Photographer contributing to the news and culture (2017)(2017-2017)– present38.

Christopher S. D. Johnson, Photographer responsible for the cover of Vanity Fair (2017).39.

Paul F. Stroud, Photographer working on the cover and story for TIME Magazine (2017?)40.

Mark E. Smith and David M. Smith , Photographer, and Managing Director of Photography at Time (2017)…(2017)41.

James M. Coughlin, Photographer making portraits (2017  (?)-Present42.

Robert W. Brown, Photographer taking portraits of the human spirit (2017)-present43.

Andrew Toth, Photographer traveling the world (2017 -Present44.

Peter B. Gartner, photographer documenting the journey of the Arctic Ocean (2017)”45.

Tania D. Gogel, Photographer shooting landscapes (2016″46.

David Moberg, Photographer covering the 2016 election (2016)?47.

Peter M. Gann, Artist focusing on a subject (2016!)48.

James Gorman, Photographer focused on an environment (2016+)49.

Brian Breslow, Photographer photographing the impact of Hurricane Harvey (201650.

Jason E. M. Anderson, Photographer focussing on the social media (20162017)51.

Ryan T. Gelles, Photographer

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