A photo contest was all it took for an Australian photographer to win the prestigious American publication Playboy magazine’s new “Steel Wool” award.

“I was on the cover of the magazine, and I had just photographed my mom,” Alex Ross said.

“And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s so cool.

“It’s a wonderful thing for me, because I’ve been able to continue to share what I love with people.” “

Ross, a mother of three from Bali, won the magazine’s “Steel Wool” photography contest in March. “

It’s a wonderful thing for me, because I’ve been able to continue to share what I love with people.”

Ross, a mother of three from Bali, won the magazine’s “Steel Wool” photography contest in March.

“Steel wool” is a type of wool made from raw wool, with its distinctive “wool skin” that is highly resistant to water.

It is also a popular textile for home-based accessories such as scarves, socks, and blankets.

Ross said the wool was made in Australia, but her mother, who is from the United States, was originally from China.

“She’s been working in China for many years and she used to bring home wool from that country,” Ross said, adding that she was the first person in the family to own wool in Australia.

“My mom would always bring home the wool, and she loved it, and the kids loved it.”

The award is for an image that shows the effect of wool on the fabric, with Ross saying she wanted the images to “show what it was like to live in a wool factory.”

Ross has said the winning image is from her childhood home in Bali.

Ross has previously won the Playboy magazine “Steel Skin” photography award, as well as “Steel Nails” and “Steel Hair” awards.

Ross hopes to work with a local photographer in B.C. “You know, you know, it’s an opportunity to really learn a little more about the world and how it works,” she said.

Ross is still trying to figure out what she’s going to do with the $1 million prize.

“So, I don’t know what I’m going to use it for, but I would like to try and make a little money,” she joked.

Ross and her mother are expecting a baby in October.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able, I hope, to have a baby together, but obviously we don’t have that kind of money, so it’s not like we’re trying to raise it, you see,” Ross laughed.

Ross won the prestigious “Steelwool” photography competition with a photo of her mom that showed her in a factory.

She also won a “Steel Wood” photo contest, and won the “Steel-Nails” photography prize, as part of her “Steelwood” series.

Ross says she is currently in China to shoot for a new series of magazines, including one called “SteelWood” with the New York Times Magazine’s John Kelly.

“We’re actually trying to do a series on steelwood, and John is a huge fan of steelwood,” Ross told CBC News.

“He’s really into the stuff and he’s a huge admirer of the things that steelwood does.”

Ross said she plans to take a trip to the United Kingdom this summer, and to China later this year.

Ross also hopes to photograph an event in her hometown of Bali in the United Arab Emirates.

“For me, I really love that,” she laughed.

“Bali is so beautiful and it’s a city full of amazing people, and so it really is a very special place for me to come.”

Ross says her “Steal” series, which features the same images in different places, will also feature local photographers, as the project aims to help young people “take their own place in the world.”

Ross and Ross said their series is meant to inspire and inspire people to become better and better photographers.

“As photographers, we’re not just looking at the world, we are looking at our own experience, our own story,” Ross explained.

“Our work is very much a reflection of that.

So, for me personally, my first series is a reflection on my own life, and my first project is a personal reflection on mine.”

Ross’s series, “Steals” is part of the “Stealer” series in which she and other young artists have taken photographs of themselves taking photos of themselves.

Ross, who said she is interested in other aspects of photography, is also working on a series for “Fashion and Fashion Photography” magazine.

Ross plans to return to Bali next year.

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