The world is caught the light and it is changing with every passing day, says the Indian photographer Paul Freeman, whose ‘Catch the Light’ series of photographs has gone viral across the globe.

He has taken over 250,000 photographs, many of which are now used as the basis of a new book titled ‘Catches the Light’, due out on Tuesday.

Freeman, who is a member of the National Photographic Association of India, was a member and editor of the British Photography Congress’s annual awards for the past two years, and a former vice-president of the American Society of Magazine Editors.

In a blog post titled ‘In the Age of the Photographic Camera’, he said that the way he photographed India and its people was inspired by his fascination with how people move in the world.

“It’s a beautiful country and a beautiful people, so what do we do with our time and our energy?” he asked.

“What is the best way to photograph them?

Is there a way of capturing a moment that is both meaningful and beautiful?”

The book will focus on the work of a photographer who has captured thousands of people in his photographs, including the Indian Army’s chief of staff, Lieutenant General Ravi Shankar, and the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

A large part of the book is dedicated to the subjects he has photographed and their stories, which are told in their own words.

The subjects include: an elderly woman, an old woman, a young man and a woman with two young children.

“This is what my photographs are all about, and it’s also about what is happening now in the wider world. In the Age

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