It’s not quite a “drones” article, but I did some aerial photography and some aerial photojournalism.

My family and I lived in a small rural town about 30 miles (50km) south of Portland, Oregon.

The weather was beautiful and sunny, and the view was spectacular.

When the sun set, we decided to take a photo of our family, to commemorate the end of winter.

We rented a small drone to fly low over our family and the town, and we also took some of the photos from above.

I wanted to show off my family’s home and my backyard, and my daughter and I, and our neighbors.

I also wanted to make sure that our family didn’t miss any of the pictures they had taken from their small aerial camera.

Here’s what we did with our drone:1) We took a few photos of the front of our house that were captured in the photojournalist’s handheld.2) We also took a couple of photos of our daughter’s backyard that were taken in a drone.3) I was able to use my mobile phone’s camera to capture the aerial shots of my home and our neighbor’s backyard.

All of the shots we took from my drone were taken from above, so I had to fly through clouds, and I was a little concerned that the clouds might block out some of my photos.

However, my GPS kept pointing me to the right location.4) I also took several photos of other people and places that were not directly visible from the drone.5) I had a GoPro Hero5 Black on my drone that I was filming from my laptop’s camera lens, so the camera was pointed directly at my wife’s backyard while I was out in the field.6) Finally, I took several shots of our dog, a puppy named Bella.

I named him Bella because of his resemblance to his mother, who he was born from.7) As I was taking all of the images, I thought about how I might have taken some of these shots in the future.

A few of the outdoor photos that I took were taken on my roof.

It’s a pretty small spot, so we had to be creative about how we were going to set up our shots.

I’m sure I will have to do some aerial photographs of my house in the near future, but until then, this is how I shot my family and our backyard.

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