Edvard Weston is known as the “great photographer of the twentieth century.”

And in his own time, he’s been a major force in the history of photography.

Weston’s work was seen by millions around the world and influenced generations of photographers, including Walt Disney and the Beatles.

And he was the first to record a photograph of a man falling to his death, an image that is now considered one of the greatest of all time.

Westoons photo of a child running away from a dog, which became a viral sensation, became the first photograph of the Great Dying.

The photograph became so famous that Westoos family had to be evacuated from their home after the child began vomiting.

And when the image was taken, Westoon’s wife died and his son was born with a severe birth defect.

It’s a story that is being told in Westoonies latest documentary, Edvard’s Life, which premieres this week at the National Museum of Photography.

Here’s a look at how Westoony photographed the Great Falling, as told by photographer Edvard.

The Great Falling at the New York Public Library Getty Images

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