The rise of the selfie has created a whole new landscape for women who want to share their lives with others.

Photographer Mary Beth Jones was inspired to start The Women Photography Fundus, a series of photography portraits of women who work with children, with the idea that it would help them “get their image out there.”

Since the first Fundus photo went viral in September 2016, the series has amassed more than 500 photos and videos of women working with kids, pets, and other everyday objects, many of them young women.

In the past, these women were photographed without makeup, clothing, or other accessories and with a casual, “let’s get out there” attitude.

In recent years, the women in The Women Photographic Fundus have been wearing makeup and clothing and have taken to Instagram to share the work with the world.

One of the women featured in the photo above, who was born in the U.S. to a white mother and a black father, said she’s been able to share her photos with others through the Fundus platform because she’s “the perfect person to show what I have to offer to other people.”

Jones says she learned that the women who use the Funduses platform are just like any other young woman, so when she began posting her images, she was inspired by the women and thought, “Wow, maybe it’s time for me to take a look at my own photos.”

The first Funduses photo, entitled “The Baby,” was shot on September 20, 2017, and has now garnered more than 300,000 views on Instagram.

Jones says the women working on the Fundushes photos are often the “golden children” of their families, so the images are meant to be “a window to see what the children look like, what their faces look like,” she says.

The fundus photo series is meant to show the beautiful and vulnerable side of these women who are often forced to work on the margins of society, but are often overlooked by society.

In fact, the funduses photos often feature young children, including one that features a little girl who was named after her mom.

The image above shows the girl sitting on the floor with a basket filled with a baby’s toys, a toy car, and a doll.

Jones said that when she started photographing these women, she didn’t realize that these women often “were the ones who were in a situation where they couldn’t go to school, couldn’t work, couldn�t be the mother of their child, or they had to raise their child on their own.”

“The girls are the most vulnerable people I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“They are so much like us.

We all look the same, we all look like we have no confidence.

We’re the least able to handle it.”

“I think that’s why we are so grateful for the people that have helped us,” Jones says.

“We’ve been able see ourselves in these women and know that we can all be more beautiful.

We can all share our experiences with other women.”

The Funduses photography series is not just about showcasing the beauty of these girls and women, however.

They’re also an opportunity to show that women who make it their life�s work can achieve anything and have everything.

Jones was struck by the fact that the Fundushuses photos show women in a positive light.

“When you see the images of these beautiful women, it reminds you of the girls that are struggling every day,” Jones said.

Jones, a social media photographer and the founder of the Women Photographers Fundus said the Fundusha photos are intended to show women that they can achieve greatness, but that they don�t have to have the expectations of society to be happy and successful.

“The Fundushis photos are a way for women to get out of their own lives and to give their whole life to their children,” Jones added.

Jones hopes that the fundushis series can help women get to the top of their career, and she also hopes to get women to feel “the gratitude of their children.”

Jones is hoping that by sharing her images and photos, the Funduscats will inspire other women to be inspired to be the best they can be.

“I’m just so proud to see how beautiful these women are,” Jones told The Huffington Post.

“It is so amazing to see them in their everyday lives, and they have so much to give to the world.”

The Women Photographer Fundus will continue to highlight women working in different fields and different industries, and the Fundusts will focus on women in technology, fashion, art, and music.

In a recent interview with The Washington Examiner, Jones explained why she started the Fundusters project: “I’ve been on this journey for a long time.

I’ve always loved the idea of helping people and showing them that they have the ability to achieve anything, and that they do not have to

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