There are plenty of places where you can get creative with your photos, but where are they?

Here are some of the best spots to start looking for your next photo-collage:• The East of England, where there are several great local options.• South Africa’s Eastern Cape, a small part of the country where the vast majority of people live.• London’s Southwark, which is a good starting point for a new photography business.• Paris, the French capital with lots of options for tourists.• New York, home to the best photographers, which offers a great variety of opportunities for business and hobbyist photographers.• Melbourne, with many good photography opportunities to explore.• Berlin, home of the German Expressionist movement.• Copenhagen, where you could start your own business and take photos.• Buenos Aires, a city with lots to offer if you want to explore and experiment.• Toronto, Canada’s second-largest city with a lot to offer for photographers.

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