The best way to get a better night’s sleep is to have a good, darkroom-grade, dark room, says Harvard Medical School researcher Amy Biernacki.

Here’s how to do it.

Darkroom Lighting for the Holidays and Holidays If you’re on a tight schedule, a dark room can be a wonderful way to help you relax and get a lot of rest, says Biernekis.

But for those times when you’re not planning to spend the holidays, it can be especially helpful if you’re spending time in a house or apartment that is dark.

Biernes is the author of The New Darkroom: How to Light Your Home for a New Kind of Night, a book that has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

“You can’t just go to a movie theater or a bookstore and expect to sleep well.

You have to go to the darkroom to find out,” she says.

The first thing you should do is get a light bulb in your room, like an incandescent or fluorescent light, and put it under the dark room wall.

“This will give you a light source and you’ll see light through your curtains,” she explains.

“It’ll be a little more dim in the dark than in the lightroom, but it’ll be enough to get your brain to light up.

And you can’t be asleep until you have that light.”

Next, you should put a lightbulb under your bed.

The light will help your eyes adjust to the darkness, and the darkness will make your brain work harder to keep your eyes open.

“The brain uses your eyes to adjust to darkness.

It’s like a lightswitch.

When you don’t get enough light, your eyes are tired and you’re getting a little sleepy.

And when you get enough, your brain starts to adjust and start to see things in a different light,” she continues.

Biernacks recommends getting your darkroom lighting set up so that you can adjust your lighting based on the season and mood of your home.

“I find that when I get into winter, I’m a little less likely to get the perfect light.

But when I have a big yard, I like to set it up so I can get the brightest light possible.

The darkest light will always be the best light.

And if I’m in a room that has no windows, I don’t want the light to come from the ceiling,” she adds.

In the winter months, you can set your dark room lighting to dim, which is what Bierns recommends.

Another way to light your darkrooms can be to use a natural light source in the bedroom.

“When you have a natural-looking light source like a candle or a small lamp, you’ll be able to see the light through the curtains and be able tell if you have the right amount of light or not,” she tells ABC News.

You can also get a natural gas torch and set it on a dimmer setting, to see what light is coming through the walls and into your bedroom.

And then, if you want, you could try to put the torch under your pillow.

This is another technique to get rid of the dark-room blues, which will fade in and out of focus and look bad.

Biers says you can also use the natural-type light in your kitchen, if it has a natural color.

“You can find natural-color lighting in the kitchen,” she advises.

“If you have an electric light and you set it at an angle, it’ll give you some of the natural light.

I have an electrical light set up for my living room that gives me natural-like lighting.”

Bierneks also recommends having a candle light that you’re happy with, as you won’t have to worry about turning it off too often.

“If you’re in a new house or a new apartment and you have no candles in the house, you don

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