Reddit user milkywayphotography has coined the term “Milkyway photography” to describe a series of images that are “capturing everyday moments that we take for granted”.

He said it was a way of “expanding the way we look at the world” and was also a way to get the attention of people.

He said that while many people took selfies, he was seeing more and more people using the medium to capture moments that would not otherwise be captured.

“This is a very, very powerful way to take the viewer on a journey and show us the world,” he said.

The term has become popular on the social network with a large number of people sharing images of themselves or their friends in their everyday lives, while people in more privileged backgrounds often use it to capture their family and friends.

Reddit user milkyspix, whose real name is Josh Kress, created the site in March 2016 and it has since been viewed more than 7.5 million times.

A number of users have been using the site to take pictures of themselves with friends and family, with a number of popular themes ranging from family photographs, to everyday moments, to the sunset.

Reddit users have taken more than 40,000 photographs of themselves in various poses, including a series in which a man wearing a black hoodie is holding his children close, with the caption: “I love my family and I love my children.”

MilkyWay Photography users have also shared pictures of their dogs and cats, including one of a dog and cat with a smiley face.

Milky way photo: A man holding a baby and a woman with a baby in their armsMilky ways dog: A woman with her dog and a man with a catMilky people: A dog with a dog in front of a house and a house with a puppyMilky man: A mother holding her child and her husbandMilky woman: A husband holding his baby and wife with a son and babyMilky dogs: A father holding his two children with his wife and daughterMilky animals: A family with their pet and a family petMilky children: A young child and their mother and a young boyMilky cats: A cat with an infant in its mouth and a dog with baby in its pawsMilky friends: A couple holding a dog, a man and a cat

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