A contest to get a photographer to shoot the close up of someone’s face and upload it to Reddit.

The contest was launched by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and the site’s other co-founders, Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz.

The idea is to get photographers to take their shots, in person, and share them on the site, where it can then be seen by hundreds of millions of users.

This year’s contest was announced on Reddit’s blog and Twitter feed on Monday.

“We’re really excited to welcome some of the brightest minds in photography to our community,” Ohanian wrote in a post announcing the contest.

“This year’s winners will have the opportunity to compete in a contest of their own.”

Ohanian, who is also Reddit’s chief operating officer, added that the contest “is open to photographers of any level of experience and will be an opportunity to showcase the talents of our community.”

He said the contest will take place at the end of December and will include a $50,000 prize pool.

In addition to the $50 million prize, Ohanian said that the judges will be selected by Reddit staff.

“They will be members of the community, they will be redditors,” Ohanaian said.

“And if we don’t like what they come up with, we’ll be forced to change it.”

The contest is not the first contest to attract the attention of the Reddit community.

In 2014, the site offered a $2,500 cash prize to a photographer who would take pictures of someone with “no facial hair,” and posted a video of the contest on its site.

In 2015, the same contest offered a new prize of $100,000 for the first person to photograph a person with no facial hair.

Reddit’s website has also attracted controversy.

Last month, the company announced it would be shutting down the website, which was the result of a lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The company also said that it would shut down the news-sharing site, Reddit, for the next six months.

Last week, Reddit announced that it was taking steps to prevent the loss of its content and user data.

The company is also looking to build new products and services that will help it combat the negative effects of online abuse.

Last year, the website took in $1.9 billion in revenue, and it plans to invest that money in areas like the digital rights management (DRM) industry.

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