I’ve been meaning to write a post about graduation photography for a while now.

I was inspired to write about it after seeing a post from a friend on Instagram about the need to start a graduation photo album. 

The post sparked a lot of conversation on Instagram, where I had to explain to my friend that it was an actual problem that most people didn’t even realize existed.

It’s a real problem that I didn’t realize existed until I started thinking about it and starting to create a project to document it.

Here are some of my tips for getting started on a new project to capture and share the moments of your graduation.1.

Make sure your photo albums are clean and organized.

It doesn’t matter what your photos look like, it’s important to have your photos organized for ease of access and preservation. 


Keep it simple.

You want to keep things as simple as possible.

Don’t get bogged down with photo albums with dozens of photos or dozens of different genres of photos.

If you’re working with a lot or a lot, make sure that the things you’re doing are all very simple and simple-ish. 


Keep the focus on the people.

If there’s one thing that people often get the most out of photography, it is the emotion they capture.

If that emotion is emotionless or emotion-less-ish, it will often overshadow the actual experience of your students.

Make them feel as if they’re in the moment of their graduation and that’s what you want to capture.4.

Make it fun.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that’s available to you on Instagram.

Don-t get discouraged by the lack of creativity that you might find on Instagram and make sure to have fun. 


Take a photo with a specific subject.

The photo will give you a different perspective than if you just took a picture of everyone and had a conversation with everyone. 


Keep a camera in your pocket or purse.

It helps to have a camera handy for all your photos and it’s easy to lose focus on what you’re actually doing. 


Make your photos as clear as possible so that your students can see what you are trying to capture with your photos.


Set the focus of your photos so that the focus is on the person in the photo.

You can take a photo of your daughter’s graduation from her front lawn, but if she’s standing at the front of the room, it won’t be as good as if she was at the back.


Keep your photos simple.

Make the pictures as minimal as possible and simple. 


Use the right settings.

Don’T use a wide aperture, a wide shutter speed, or a wide exposure.

Try to capture a subject that looks familiar and still gives you a sense of what’s going on in your students’ lives.


Make use of lighting.

If it’s a rainy day, don’t use flash, flashbulbs, or flash lights.


Keep things simple.

Try not to use too many filters or colors, use the same lighting every time, and try to keep the lighting to a minimum. 


Create a group photo.

If your photos don’t have many people in them, try creating a group picture of all of your people and having them all be in the same frame. 


Make a group video.

If people are busy, try a group or group video that shows them how you’re planning on graduating your students and giving them a chance to say goodbye. 


Keep all of the photos in the camera.

I usually use my iPhone, but it’s always a good idea to take a picture with your phone if you can.

You may want to take the photo of the people that you want them to remember and post it on Instagram so that people can remember that they were there. 


Keep them as simple.

Keep everything as simple and as focused as possible in your photos, so that you can capture what’s important for the people in your photo. 


Create an Instagram page.

If students are coming from different schools, I use an Instagram profile for them.

It allows me to see what they’re looking for in a lot more detail, and it allows me, as the photographer, to create new photos that I want to share with them. 


Create new photos.

It can be very helpful to take new photos of people that have graduated, to show that your photos are not perfect, and to share the stories behind your photos with your students in a new way. 


Create your own Facebook groups.

If the students aren’t in the group and they are in the background, use a Facebook group for them and make a group for their graduation. 


Add a caption.

The caption is the last thing you want your students to know before they leave

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