New research by the Pew Research Center and the University of Minnesota suggests that people often find it easier to take photos of people who look younger than themselves.

In fact, the research suggests that when people look more like someone else, they can also see it easier.

The results are published in the December issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science.

In the survey, which was conducted among 1,600 people, respondents were asked to imagine a group of four people who looked identical, but each person looked younger than the others.

The people were told that each person was an expert photographer who would be taking pictures of them.

They were asked how often they would like to take pictures of their own, and then, they were asked which of the photos were more interesting: someone who looks younger than them, or someone who is older than them.

People who looked younger, and older, rated the older person as more interesting.

People generally said that the older people were, the more interesting they thought their pictures were.

But people tended to look for older people to be more interesting, and that is what they found in the research.

They rated younger people as more of a draw.

“We find that people look for more interesting older people as a group, and are more likely to do so,” said Sarah M. Denniston, a researcher in the Pew’s Social & Behavioral Sciences Research Division.

“They are more interested in them.

We found that the way they’re looking at their own age may influence how they see their own attractiveness.”

The study’s authors suggest that this may help explain why some people like to photograph older people, while others like to look younger.

And the research is not limited to photos of older people.

People also tended to rate older people with younger faces, and to rate younger people with older faces.

But in contrast to that, they also tended not to look at the faces of people in their own social circles.

So there’s some overlap between how people perceive and judge the attractiveness of older and younger people.

But what is it about older people that’s so attractive?

The Pew research found that people tend to look more at the age of their faces in general, and not only the faces on their faces.

They also tended, as the researchers said, to rate the younger faces as more attractive.

“People generally rate the faces older,” Dennington said.

“The faces that are younger are seen as less interesting and interesting.”

The researchers also found that older people tended not be more interested or willing to take part in social activities, like weddings and engagements, where people tend be more involved in the activities.

“Our research shows that people are not necessarily looking for the younger person to be exciting, but looking for someone who can take their pictures,” Derniston said.

Another possibility, she said, is that older couples may be more inclined to go on vacations, because of the possibility that older adults can get away with fewer activities.

But the findings also show that older-looking people are often seen as more competent, and therefore more desirable.

The researchers say they want to know more about what makes older people attractive, and what makes them more attractive to people of different ages.

“It’s an area that is a little bit less well understood,” Dennett said.

But they also think that there may be an underlying reason.

“You can have a very interesting and varied set of images that you can use to create your own story about yourself,” she said.

This story is part of NPR’s series, “Inside the Brain: How the Brain Makes Sense of the World.”

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