Photographer Peter Beard has taken a photograph of the moment the man who photographed the moment a photographer fell off the cliff in a forest in Australia lost consciousness.

The images are the work of Beard and photographer James Stewart, who captured footage of the incident in Victoria’s central Kalgoorlie region.

Mr Beard told the ABC the moment he heard the man cry out for help was “the moment he died”.

“I’ve seen some amazing images of people falling off cliffs and I thought I’d capture one of the greatest and most terrifying moments in Australian history,” he said.

“There were a few people there that could have seen him, but there were just too many to see it in person.”

The man was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The Australian photographer and Mr Stewart had been working together for years, having previously worked together on a series of photographs of the Great Barrier Reef, including a photo of the iconic “mahogany” structure.

“James Stewart was a bit more patient with me than I was,” Mr Beard said.

“I’m glad he got the chance to take a photograph, but he was just very patient with us.”

He said Mr Stewart and Mr Beard did not have any cameras, but that they had been able to get some footage on their smartphones.

“We didn’t have much equipment on our trip, so it was pretty much a shoot on a phone,” he told the BBC.

“The first thing I was going to do was take a picture of the cliff and the man’s body, and then I was planning to go home and do a post-mortem.”

Mr Beard said he was not surprised by the death.

“I don’t think people expect to die in a bush,” he explained.

“But I do think that when you have a photo that captures that moment you really have to give credit to those people who have survived.”

He added that he believed the photograph of Mr Beard was “absolutely amazing” and that he hoped others would take the images he had captured.


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