A dark room is an outdoor space that allows you to have a great view of the sea, a beach, a river, a lake or a city skyline.

But it is also a place to take photographs of the ocean.

This is a subject that has fascinated photographer Jody Lee from Melbourne, who has been exploring this area since 2013.

The subject of her project is the ocean, and the ocean has fascinated Jody for many years.

She started to explore the subject after reading a recent book by marine photographer Nick Hildebrand.

She thought, why not take a closer look?

This is what she got.

In January 2016, Jody decided to take a trip to the Pacific Ocean in her car and explore a dark room at the edge of a surf beach.

The room she visited was a small room with a white board with a camera and some lights, all placed in a row on a table.

It was located at a beach called St John’s Beach.

She found the room to be incredibly beautiful and a perfect place to start her photographic journey.

In the following years, Jodys travels to many different locations around Australia, including in Tasmania and Victoria, to explore and photograph these stunning locations.

She also goes to the Western Cape to photograph wildlife, and also to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

With a background in photography and the marine sciences, Joodys love of nature has led her to the conclusion that this area has a rich history of underwater photography.

In her book, The Dark Room, Jodi talks about her fascination with the subject and her research into the oceanic environment.

She talks about the beauty of the water, how the environment can be a beautiful tool to capture images and what a darkroom can offer.

So, why the name dark room?

Jody describes it as a place where you can relax and look at the world through a dark window.

She says this allows for more freedom of movement and a sense of freedom and exploration.

“It’s also an ideal environment to capture some of the more extreme images, as well as capturing beautiful, natural environments that we normally would not be able to capture.”

It is important to note that Jody has been documenting this dark room since 2013, when she began exploring the waters around St John.

She has travelled to many locations, and her images are currently posted on her Facebook page.

Her photographs are currently available in the Pacific Island Ocean, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, the Queensland coast and Victoria.

The ocean is the perfect place for photographing and capturing images of the natural world, but it is not without its challenges.

A darkroom is an ideal place to capture these images of ocean life.

In this case, it is a peaceful environment and a beautiful setting for photography.

A few of Jody’s favourite places to photograph the ocean are the surf beach at St John, the Blue Mountains of Victoria, and Victoria’s Northern Territory.

Jody says she feels she is always looking for new places to visit and capture more of the beauty and diversity of this beautiful environment.

It is always interesting to see where she is going to be visiting next.

For more information about Jody, and to view her photos visit her website at https://www.jodylee.com.au.

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