Photographer: “I’d really like to watch the end time of the universe.

It’s such a terrifying idea to think about.”

Architecture photographer Michael Hirsch has created an entire gallery of photographs depicting the end times, from a meteorite to a plane crashing into the moon, and he says the images are inspired by the apocalypse.

“I think a lot of people are really fascinated by this concept of the end and are fascinated by what’s going to happen to us,” Hirsch told NBC News.

“I just want to show what we’re going to be like in 100 years and to make people think about what they’re going through.”

The project has received praise for its imagery of the apocalypse, and Hirsch said he hoped it would inspire people to think of the things they’d like people to stop doing.

“We have a lot to be excited about in the world,” Hichen said.

“The things we are doing in this exhibition are very inspiring.”

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the images in a way that I can help people better understand the situation,” he said.

Hirsch says the photographs have inspired him to do more work.

“We are doing something that I think is going to make a difference, and that’s to make the world better,” he told NBC.

“Hopefully, I’ll have an impact on some people.”

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