I’m in love with food photography.

I’m a big fan of photographing food and a fan of photography, too.

So when I heard about the newest Instagram post by the folks at Lala Photography, I jumped on board.

Instagram’s goal is to make it easy for brands to get in front of their audience, and it seems like Lala is doing just that.

Lala recently introduced its Instagram photo-sharing platform, which allows brands to share their photos with users who post them.

So if you have a great photo, Instagram might just love it too.


Don’t try to be the first.

Instagram has a pretty robust tagging system, so make sure to tag your photos in a way that’s both memorable and helpful to your brand.

Here are some guidelines: Tag photos that are clearly labeled.

If you’re just tagging a photo for a friend or family member, try to tag it with the hashtag, “My Favorite Food,” or the hashtag “Lala.”

Tag photos tagged with hashtags like “BEST,” “LALA,” or “my favorite food” are better for the brand and are easier for users to find.

Tag photos in groups of at least 10.

If a photo has a hashtag associated with it, try tagging it in a larger group.

Instagram says that groups of photos can be helpful for brands when they’re looking to get the most attention from their Instagram followers.


Use a good hashtag.

Instagram users who tag their photos have the option to use the hashtags #myfavoritefood and #myfoodfood, but don’t use the #myfamily, #mysister, #mama, or #myhusband tag.

The hashtags help Instagram users to identify which images were taken by the user who tagged the photo.

Instagram doesn’t allow users to add captions to photos that they don’t want to be tagged with, so if you’re tagging photos with hashtables, be sure to include them in your caption.


Don.t. use hashtags that are too broad.

If your photos are tagged with tags like #myday, #favorited, #favorite, #food, or any number of other variations, you’re probably better off tagging the photos with the tag that best suits your brand and your Instagram followers’ tastes.

Instagram will also be happy to help you tweak your tag to suit your needs.


Make sure you’re in sync.

Instagram tells us that it only posts tagged photos to users who are at least 18 years old, so it’s probably best to make sure that your photos aren’t tagged to the same person more than once.

If an Instagram user tags photos with a hashtag like #family, tag the photos as such: #family My Favorite Food #mamma #sister #husband #saltwater #sunday #toy.

When it comes to tagging photos for other users, Instagram tells me that it will only use the hashtag you choose.

It’s a good idea to tag photos with hashtag tags like “family favorite” or “favorite food” to keep your users from inadvertently tagging your photos with tags that aren’t appropriate for the photos.



Instagram asks that you tag your Instagram photos with “#myfamilyfood,” so it can track the number of photos tagged, the amount of photos that have hashtags associated with them, and the total number of Instagram users tagged with the hashtag.

If Instagram doesn

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