Which body image photographers are your best friends?

I am a body image photographer.I love sharing my body, I love to inspire people, and I am inspired by the human body and its beauty.When I'm not working on my clients' shoots, I am often inspired by my friends' bodies, which are often shaped by our social norms and expectations.I am drawn to women who are more feminine and

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Which food photographers are you?

Food photography is all about capturing images that are often hidden in plain sight.There are countless different ways to do this, but here are a few of our favourite.We are a global community of photographers, and we have created this guide to help you discover your own favourite food photography styles and find the perfect subjects.The guides aim to help,

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How to be a ghost photographer, in 20 steps

A ghost photographer knows how to create a perfect image in just a few simple steps.But to be able to get a proper photo, a photographer needs to be in the right place at the right time.The photographer needs a strong foundation in the subjects' likenesses, and they need to have an understanding of their facial expressions, body language and

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