When a photographer’s camera is all they have, the next best thing is a digital camera

Photographer Michael McGlinchey recently wrote an article on the importance of using a digital device for taking photos.In the article, McGlanchey said: 'I believe we need to look to our digital devices for the future, to make sure that we are constantly capturing, capturing and capturing, and capturing the future we want to see.'The article then goes on to say

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The Best of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 2: The ‘Voyager’ scene where Kirk, Spock, and a mysterious girl make their first appearance

On May 15, Discovery Season 2 will premiere.The first half of Discovery Season 1 took place during the USS Discovery's first voyage to Mars and featured the crew on board the Enterprise.This season will feature a lot of different stories.As Discovery Season 3 starts, the crew of the Enterprise will have to make their way across the galaxy to find

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When Will the New Canon EOS 70D be Released?

It has been a long time since we heard anything new from Canon.Last year's announcement of the EOS 60D was met with excitement from those of us who expected it to be the last of the line.While the new camera was announced last year and is now available, the camera was never officially released, but the company has released a

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