How to Use Instagram to Capture Images of Underwater Photography

Instagram's $5 million underwater photography contract is up for renewal, and its photographer is ready to test the waters.Photographer Adam Gazzaley announced on Twitter that he would be "taking underwater photos of some of the most spectacular underwater scenery I've seen this summer," and his photos will be featured in the app's first underwater photography book, Underwater Adventures: Adventures with

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What’s next for the Italian FA?

1 / 3 This week's top stories from Italy: 0.The big question: Can Juventus go from strength to strength?1.Can Inter recover?2.Can Bologna recover?3.What does it take to get a European trophy?4.What are the two big clubs in Italy?5.Who is on the brink of a transfer move?6.Is this a sign of the end for a club in Serie A?7.How much do

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