Wedding photographer to use new light box photojournalism technology

A photographer in a tropical paradise in central New York will soon be able to capture a wedding on his or her phone.According to wedding photographer Matthew Kohn, a new photojournalistic technology called Light Box will allow photographers to capture wedding photos with an image quality that will be indistinguishable from traditional cameras."With Light Box, you're basically capturing the moment

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When Will America’s Light Box Cameras Come Back?

The last time the light box camera caught the eye was in the 1920s, when the first models were being marketed by the German manufacturer Kinematix.The camera, originally designed to capture stills, could capture still images and then record them on celluloid, using an optical process that produced grainy, blurry images.By the 1930s, the technology was getting so good that

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Why is this new cheap camera so good?

A cheaper, more powerful light box camera is available from a range of companies including Canon, Nikon and Sony.It comes in two versions.The first is the basic Canon Lightbox, which costs £150.You get the same camera, flash and lens as the Canon model, plus a range to match.The second version, the Sony Lightbox Camera, costs £300.Both are interchangeable lenses.But what

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