How to photograph a corpse

When the time comes to photograph an untidy corpse, you need to be a bit more careful than most people are accustomed to.If you're looking for a post mortem photographer, you're not likely to find one in most of the country.The situation is different in the UK, where people are more likely to be prepared to put a body in

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Photographer: ‘I’d like to see the end of the world’

Photographer: "I'd really like to watch the end time of the universe.It's such a terrifying idea to think about."Architecture photographer Michael Hirsch has created an entire gallery of photographs depicting the end times, from a meteorite to a plane crashing into the moon, and he says the images are inspired by the apocalypse."I think a lot of people are really

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How to photograph a funeral

The next time you're in a funeral home, don't be afraid to take your camera.A new book by photographer and documentary filmmaker Loyd's Photography offers tips on how to make a living shooting funerals.The book is called The Last Funeral Photography: How to Make a Living and how to Get Rich, and it is available for preorder now at a

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