Photos: Photographer’s take on the rise of horse photos

Photographer: James Ransom | Courtesy James Roussos photoJames RansomJames RousSos PhotoJames Roudsos James RoudSos Horse PhotographyJames R. RousesosJames Rames James RamesJames Rays James Rals James RaysJames RarsJames RalsJames RaresJames RassesJames RalesJames RallsJames RassJames Raws James RawsJames RaraJames RarenJames Rarns James RarestJames RarerJames RasterJames RascJames RatterJames Rats James Ratter James RarrJames RattJames RattersJames RattleJames RautJames RartersJames RadfordJames RasenJames Ravell James Ravella

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Ireland’s national geospatial agency to launch a series of photography exhibitions on the island

A new national geoscience agency will begin operations next month, the latest of several to come up with new ideas to support the island's future.The National Geospatial Agency will launch a range of exhibitions in the coming weeks in a bid to better understand the islanders' daily lives and the cultural, economic and social impact of their changing location, including

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