The new family photography craze: How to be the best photographer in the world at your wedding

As the popularity of wedding photography has exploded, the question of what you should shoot is becoming increasingly important.It can be confusing at first.But with the right gear, a few basics and a little luck, a good photographer can make a wedding look like a day on the town.The basic rule is this: Choose your subject carefully.Don't try to be

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When Wedding Photographers Were Photography Poses, You’d Have to Be a Dead Man to Get the Shot

Posted by The National Interest title You could be a dead man to get the shot when wedding photographers posed.The National Interest's Katie Couric talked about the issue with Katey Rich.The topic of wedding photography is always fascinating.I can remember sitting in the car in the summer of 2015 with my husband, who's a photographer.He said, "This is so cool."I

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